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  • Aug 11, 2022

If you’ve spent any time in fashion circles this year, you know that sustainability is the hot topic of the moment. With discussions swirling about fast fashion, ethical production, and everything in between, consumers are more concerned than ever about how sustainable their fashion choices are. That concern extends to promotional apparel as well.

As with anything else, there are degrees to sustainability. Some manufacturers only produce clothing made with renewable materials or are incredibly transparent about their labor practices. Others make an effort to use recycled components where possible. Whatever they choose to do, sustainability, like other eco-conscious measures such as low-waste living and recycling, doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing game.

Choosing sustainable options for apparel when you can is a great way to make a difference in the fashion industry. Unfortunately, the least expensive options are often the least sustainable from an environmental and labor standpoint. However, by increasing your budget by just a tiny amount, you can choose recycled items. If you have more room in your budget, you can go for items that are transparently produced domestically with renewable materials.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “there’s no way promotional apparel can be sustainable,” we wouldn’t blame you – but give us a chance to change your mind. Promotional apparel might have a reputation for being wasteful or polyester and plastic, but the fact is that it’s not that way across the board. There are plenty of eco-friendly, sustainable, and ethical options available for companies desiring promotional apparel or uniforms.

Here are a couple of our favorite sustainable or environmentally-friendly promotional shirt options:

Canvas Unisex Jersey T-Shirt

Canvas Unisex Jersey T-Shirt

This tee is made with 99% cotton and 1% polyester. The manufacturer of this shirt employs sustainable manufacturing practices such as the use of Blue Sign certified dyes and cutting facilities in the United States that run on solar power and have comprehensive recycling programs.

Hemp Shirt

Hemp Shirt

This fashionable unisex t-shirt is made from 60% viscose hemp and 40% organic cotton, making it an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice. Hemp is a renewable resource that requires less water than many other materials, including cotton, and is naturally resistant to pests, meaning harmful pesticides are unnecessary for growth.

Re-Tee T-Shirt

Re-Tee T-Shirt

This tee is made from 100% recycled fabric and reclaimed materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. Recycled fabrics are a great way to decrease your promotion’s carbon footprint without sacrificing comfort.

EcoSmart 50/50 Blend Tee

EcoSmart 50/50 Blend

This cotton/polyester blend shirt is an economical option for organizations wanting a more eco-friendly wearable. Made with up to 5% recycled polyester, this tee makes a difference without compromising your budget.

Want to see more sustainable apparel options? Contact us today to learn more!

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